Have your buttons custom covered for your special outfit. Whether you need one combination button for a jacket, or 200 satin buttons for a bridal gown, Vogue Fabrics has great low rates and beautiful craftmanship. Send us your fabric and your order request, plus a credit card we can charge, and your buttons will be made for you.

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Choose from half ball, full ball and flat ball buttons for $.75 each. Sizes range from line 16, which is a small bridal button, to line 45, which is typical for a single breasted jacket, just over 1.25 inch. *Many sizes offer both silver and black loop eye back, while the smaller sizes, line 16- line 22, also offer white and black tufted back. No custom tufting is done at our site.

Combination buttons offer a flat center and a seperate rim, and cost $1.25 each (please adjust the price in the chart above if you are ordering combination buttons). You can use two different fabrics, or the same fabric for the base and the rim.

Wholesale orders are welcome. Please contact Rogie or Aaron at for wholesale pricing. Wholesale quantities start at 144 buttons, are generally 50% off the regular price, and available for flat ball, half ball and full ball buttons.

Please allow 2 weeks for completion. Add transit time when necessary.

Buttons are $ .75 each. There is a set-up fee of $3.50 for each different style of button - this covers the cost of retooling the machine for the new button. If you have two orders that are the same style and size of button, but different fabric, there is only 1 set-up fee, as the machine will not need to be retooled.

There is a $ .20 per button charge for lining buttons when necessary, and you must provide the lining. Lining is neccessary when using a sheer fabric, and you do not want the metal of the button shell to show through the fabric. Most fabrics do not need a lining.

Shipping on most orders is $4.60 Post Office Priority to the US & PR. We are happy to ship internationally through USPS Global Priority Mail.

Please, no acetate fabrics, as there is not enough friction for the fabric to work in the machine.

Mail your order to:
Vogue Fabrics
Custom Covered Buttons
718 Main St.
Evanston, IL 60202

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